I just would like to thank you Eliza for your enthusiasm especially in each class allowing me to learn so much in as little as 6 weeks. I found that each week I was super excited to come to class as I knew there was always going to be something new to pick up and many new skills to practice. I know am a more confident person when it comes to applying makeup and cannot wait to possibly start a business with my sister with the skills I’ve learnt and also to further extend my skills in the master academy course. Thank you 😊

Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy was AMAZING! I felt so welcome in the class by Eliza and the other students, it’s a safe and fun environment. I was able to improve on my skill set and well learn new techniques working closely with Eliza, and reviewing personalised feedback and assistance. The Academy was brilliant and I would highly recommend it!

I loved learning from Eliza over the 6 weeks. Her passion, knowledge and support is what made this course as great as it is.

Loved it!! Learned really great tricks and tips! Really fun way to spend Sunday evening. It was so evident that Eliza was knowledgable, but was able to explain the processes or products in a way that was approachable and made sense to people (like me) that were not super 'make-up literate'. Feel more confident in doing my own make up now :) Thanks Eliza.

Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy was absolutely fantastic! I felt so welcome in the class by Eliza and the other students, it’s a safe and fun environment. I was able to improve on my skill set and well learn new techniques and product recommendations while still working closely with Eliza.

Really well structured academy, unique to any other! Going through social media marketing and in depth photo taking is something that isn’t focused on in other places when it can be the most important information!! Eliza understands that everyone is at a different level but helps to assist as much as she can to each individual making it a really enjoyable environment to be in!

I absolutely loved every minute of each class. I learnt so many new techniques that has changed my way of doing make up. Which had made it easier to do looks especially with colour as I was afraid to use it and now I feel more confident and all I need to do now is use what I’ve learnt and put it all to practice but also using colour has helped me with my technique with different shades and what goes with what to make it more of a dramatic look. Eliza your doing an amazing job with what your doing to help girls chase their dream and I’m definitely one of those girls. I can’t wait for what the future brings me with all the things I’ve learnt from you but we’ll see how it all goes!

Absolutely incredible for anyone who wants to learn about make-up! I started with very little skill and with practically no kit & I have aspirations to build a clientele and be fully booked on weekends! I looked forward to every class and the girls were awesome too :)

Eliza Madeline Makeup Academy is excellent for learning new skills as well as deepening knowledge of old ones. it is also a great insight into how to run a business, what products to use as well as what you should ask a client and how to tailor yourself to different clientele. I loved my experience and would recommend this course to anyone, even if you don't want to start you own business, it is a great place to learn skills and looks for yourself.